Desktop Cloud >> Summary

Zople desktop cloud adopts virtualization, distribution cloud-computing technology, optimizing and upgrading cloud desktop protocol, delivers tradition PC desktop through the mode of cloud service, makes it have centralized management, elastic extended, flexible access, high safety features and efficiently cut down enterprises' TCO.

  • Remote hosting     Guarantee data safety ety

    Both computing and storage are running in enterprises' or Zople's data center, local terminal is just input/output device. So this could prevent computer data lost、destroy problems happening, make sure data safety.

  • Centralized deployment     Enhancing desktop service level

    Changing formerly decentralized, standalone desktop system to centralized deployment. Completing all the desktop system administration in data center, and automatic maintenance 90% work through automation management process.

  • Elastic extended     Maximize resources utilization

    In accordance with demand of users, elastically delivering CPU, RAM and Hard Disk, maximize make use of resources.

  • Replication sites      Construct integrated damage control system

    Due to all the data is stored in data center, enterprise can easy replicate data from different site, meanwhile, it could rapidly recover hosted virtual desktop when damage happen.

  • Lowest power dissipated     Reducing IT TCO

    Zople's own cloud computer CC3000 will remarkable reduce enterprise IT costing.

Elastic extended

In accordance with demand of users, zople desktop cloud could deliver CPU, RAM and Hard disk elastically, maximize make use of resoures.

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