Desktop Cloud >> Management Platform

As zople desktop cloud platform background management system,ZVM could dynamic setup、control all cloud computers,so that will efficaciously enhance efficiency、stability of desktop cloud platform.

Main characteristics
  • Unified administration

    Remote install OS、App,and self allocation CPU、RAM、Hardware of cloud desktop

  • Dynamic migration

    When virtual machine is break down,it could realizing dynamic migration

  • 7*24hours monitoring

    Automatically motoring and self reporting malfunction

  • Snapshot and restoration

    Providing convenient snapshot function

  • Load balancing

    Identification physical load situation,smart distribution amount of cloud desktop of each physical machine to guarantee system stably

  • Identity authentication

    effectively distinguish identity of admin、clients,assign different rights

  • Rapid setup

    user-defined mode of cloud desktops

  • Multi-protocol storage

    Supporting NFS、FC、ISCSI