Desktop Cloud >> Communication Protocol

ZMP with proprietary intellectual property rights could guarantee the communication between cloud computer and cloud data Center,provide using experience with high definition、high reacting、low delayed. It could operate the same as PC under lower bandwidth.

  • 1080P HD player

    By using ZMP,it could fluency play 1080P HD video that comparing with previous cloud computer, which has disadvantage in video broadcasting.

  • Low bandwidth     Low CPU

    Realizing fluency using experience under 2Mb/s bandwidth

  • Adaptive control

    According to situation of network、terminal and server,it could be self- control to provide the best experience for client in any situation.

  • High reacting     Zero delayed

    By using ZMP,it could realize zero delayed between cloud computer and cloud server,to make sure audio synchro play

  • Double screens display

    Satisfied special business needs with two screens in one terminal

  • Data encryption

    Providing multilevel data encryption technology to protect the safety of network transmission