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Brief introduction

Zople cloud storage is developed for online storage service based on distribution file system, providing file storage, access and backup. Users can utilize cloud resources anywhere by cable, Wi-Fi or 3G, no matter worrying about file lost. Zople cloud storage is more reliable than local storage.

  • Simple use

    Supporting cross-platform, users can upload, browse, change, download files by using PC, smart phone, pad, TV.

  • Low cost

    By using large-scale distribution cluster data resources, centralized administration for resource. Zople cloud storage can realize dynamic deployed, and decrease each client storage cost.

  • Flexible charge

    Users can select flexible bill depending on business feature and cash flow. Charge by volume of usage.

  • High security

    Under professional customization and encryption services, each client has "independent" individual data center which makes sure data safe, avoiding lost.

Product architecture