Brief introduction

Based on self IaaS platform,Zople cooperates with third-party to custom made massive SaaS Apps to satisfied needs of various segments industries.

  • Zople library
    • Online sharing documents and open platform with video for 0-16 students and teachers。
    • Supporting various files and video & audio form
  • Zople Langjin oral testing system
    • Man-machine conversation
    • Integration with cloud computing、multimedia、TTS、web and datacenter
    • Solving 'dumb English'
  • Zople government information disclosure system
    • Set up information disclosure platform of multistage governmentsupporting diversified 《information disclosure policy》
    • Sharing government information based on same platform and reserving third-party API
    • High security design
  • Zople on-line administration approval system
    • Diversified mode, supporting vertical approval of multistage business segments cross province、city and town
    • Overall data management, realizing data sharing in internal department
    • Simply use, perfection security system
  • Zople administrative electronic monitoring system
    • This system assists supervision authorities to monitor the operation of administrative power in various
    • Phases of informatization and different scene of all events.